Regulations In Sydney For Selling Your Car

Regulations In Sydney For Selling Your Car

To sell your car in Syndey NSW, ensure you have the registration certificate, submit a Notice of Disposal, get a pink slip, and if applicable, a Gas Certificate.

Sydney’s Regulations for Selling Your Car

At We Buy Cars For Cash, we understand that navigating the legalities of selling a used car in New South Wales (NSW) can seem daunting. However, with over a decade of experience in the Sydney car market, we’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring your transaction is both compliant and successful.

This article offers a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, required documents, and procedural steps for a seamless car-selling process in Sydney.

Required Documents for Selling a Used Car in NSW

Proof of Entitlement or Ownership:

The registration certificate is crucial as it verifies your ownership and will be transferred upon the sale of the vehicle. If the car is not registered, a statement of sale or tax invoice, such as a motor dealer notice or sales contract, may be required to prove ownership.

Notice of Disposal (NOD):

Submitting an NOD to Transport NSW within 14 days of the private sale is essential.

This step helps avoid late lodgement fees, removes your name from the vehicle’s registration, and absolves you from responsibility for any driving penalties incurred by the new driver.

If you’re acting on behalf of a business, don’t possess a NSW Driver’s Licence, or the new owner lacks a NSW Driver’s Licence, submitting a paper form will be mandatory.

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection:

A safety certificate, known as the pink slip, is highly recommended when selling light vehicles in NSW. This certificate, available from authorized inspection stations for $43 with a two-month validity, certifies that the car meets public road safety standards.

LPG or Gas Certificate:

If your car is fitted with an LPG or gas system, acquiring a Gas Certificate from an approved inspector is necessary. This document, valid for three months, ensures the vehicle abides by safety regulations.

Unlisting from eTag:

If you’ve been paying tolls via your eTag account, it’s time to close it either by accessing your online account or contacting your eTag provider directly.

Selling a Registered vs Unregistered Car

A car with valid registration in NSW can legally be driven, whereas an unregistered one cannot. For a registered vehicle, it’s essential to transfer the registration within 14 days of the sale. If selling an unregistered vehicle, provide the buyer with a valid Roadworthy Certificate or Safety and Identity Inspection Certificate plus a receipt for the purchase.

Steps to Selling a Used Car in NSW

  1. Prep Your Car: Ensure your car is in peak condition before listing it for sale. Investing time in detailing, repairs, and maintenance can significantly increase your car’s value.
  2. List Your Vehicle: Utilize platforms like OnlyCars to connect with local prospects. Include valuable features, specifications, and photos of the car from different angles in your listing.
  3. Negotiate with Buyers: Begin negotiations for a mutually beneficial sale price. Ensure all required documents are available and inform your buyer of any contingencies associated with the transaction.


Selling a pre-owned vehicle in NSW can be straightforward by following these steps and adhering to the applicable laws. At We Buy Cars For Cash, we aim to make this process as effortless as possible for you.

If you’re looking to sell your car in Sydney without the hassle of navigating these regulations on your own, contact us at 02 9199 5510. Our team is ready to offer you a competitive cash offer for your car, ensuring a smooth, compliant, and successful transaction.